• Work is happening very rapidly in this space. Tools are borrowing concepts from one another to make them easy for their users.
  • You would need to understand your requirement and then choose the best fit.
  • BORG and Omega are the geneis for most of the container orchestrator tools.

Docker Swarm Mode


  • Easy to use
  • Docker Inc's Official solution
    • part of docker binary
  • Secure by default

Features which are coming

  • Distributed Application Bundle
  • Secrets
  • Logging
  • Scheduler updates
  • Rollback feature
  • Cluster Federation
  • Autoscale

Not so Pro

  • No concepts of Pods


  • Most popular container orchestrator as as now.
  • Rich and advance constructs
  • Multitenacy
  • Federation
  • updates and maintenance

Features which are coming

  • kubelet TLS bootstrap
  • tool to bootstrap kubernetes (kubeadm)
  • Service LB
  • and many more

Not so Pro

  • Setup is hard as compared to Docker Swarm. Work is progress to make easier.

Mesos (Marathon)

  • Most mature and predates Docker
  • Scales to thousands of nodes
  • It can run mix workload containers, Hadoop, spark etc
  • Nice GUI
  • Used by large companies
    • Twitter, AirBnb

Not so Pro

A bit difficult to setup

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